April 22, 2021

How To Select Between Dry Or Oil Cooled Transformer?

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Transformers are used to connect the main supply line with residence or commercial or industrial utility supply lines, they help to increase and decrease the flow of electricity as necessary. Transformers can also generate lots of heat during the operation and hence it is needed that there must be provisions available to cool it down. Generally, you will find two different types of transformers used.

  • Dry-type transformer
  • Oil-cooled transformer

In case of transformateur à sec [dry transformer], air is used as a coolant while in the later oil is used however the end result is more or less the same.

Despite giving the required supply in both type of transformer there are few differences between the two.  Let’s therefore compare both these types of transformers based on following parameters.

  • Maintenance

Usually oil cooled transformer needs more regular maintenance as compared to dry ones. The oil has to be regularly tested while dry transformers are chemical contaminant resistant.

  • Costs

Dry type of transformers has little more operating loss while oil filled types have got higher energy efficiency and also their lifespan is much longer as compared to its counterparts.

  • Noise generated

As compared to dry transformer, oil cooled devices produce lesser amount of noise pollution.

  • Recyclability

After the end of the life the recyclability of dry type of transformers has certain limitation while in oil type ones are easier to recycle. It produces less amount of waste and also have much superior operation and are easier to maintain.

  • Efficiency

Usually dry type transformers can be larger units, having limitation in size and voltage, as a result they are more prone to get overheated in case of overloads. Thus, they have little higher electrical losses, hence it is little more expensive in maintaining dry type transformer over long time.

On the other hand, oil cooled transformers are smaller unit and more efficient.

  • Voltage capability

Dry transformers are meant for handling small to medium ranges of voltages and hence for smaller application they can perfectly fit.

Oil-cooled transformers can be used for much heavier loads that can handle higher voltages too.

  • Location

Dry transformers are eco-friendly and can easily be used inside the building. They are usually, less flammable.

Oil cooled transformers need to be installed in outdoor location as there are possibilities of oil leaking and also fire risk.

Looking at the above differences, oil cooled transformer seems to be better option. However, if the transformers are needed in your house then dry ones are preferable.

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