April 22, 2021

Graphic Design Basics for Web Design

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An empty domain is a multidimensional canvas. A place for world building and creating identities. It is a space for business and a space for art. And it is all held together by mysterious code and a network of unseen machinery. But each space needs a master. It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur in Manhattan or studying web design in Sydney. There are basic principles we all must consider.

Balance and space: Early in my experience working with magazine layouts, I realized that the most effective pages were the ones with the least amount of information. Clients typically try to jam the pages full of details, but the projects that really worked had minimal content. Part of the challenge of website design is having the courage to leave room for the eyes to rest. Balance is about the distribution of weight in your design. Both horizontal and vertical balance can be achieved even if your elements are asymmetrical. A balanced page gives relaxes your viewer and can extend the length of the experience.

Readability, Hierarchy and Navigation: Pleasant web experience relies upon the ability of the viewer to understand and predict the territory of the site. Everything can be a clue and a signpost, but consistency and moderation is the key. Menus should be clear and limited in complexity. High priority features need to fall in places of prominence and expectation. Most of us read from right to left and higher placed items are generally more important

Typography and colour: Your font choices, your colour scheme, and your menus should all complement each other while guiding the viewer into a familiarity that continues page after page. Your website is your showroom, and you need to know what atmosphere is appropriate for your client’s needs. The most important factor here is consistency.

Branding: Branding is the pitch behind the pitch, the silent nod from an accomplice that nudges the client to believe what you say about you and your product. Branding requires a strategy and a determination to not use every crayon in the box. Building a brand is high art, and it requires a lot of consideration

Graphic design is a diverse field involving many disciplines and mediums. But some rules apply across the board. Less is more, balance is beauty, and every element is a design element. The tools are new, but the rules are familiar. No matter where you go in this world you will find these rules in play.

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