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How does the Lower Lonsdale commercial district measure Up?

Thanks to all who attended!

Wednesday April 24  2013
5:30pm - 7pm
123 Lonsdale Ave


The Lower Lonsdale Business Association spent the evening exploring what other commercial districts are doing to attract business and increase interest in their areas. This provided us an opportunity  to see how Lower Lonsdale measures up and gave us a glimpse at where we could go and what we could do to improve.

Want business to improve?
Let’s work together to make that happen.


We welcomed special guest speaker Russ Davies
representing Kitsilano 4th Avenue

As a national and international award-winning marketing manager with over twenty years of exceptional experience, Russ Davies has been a long-time champion of small and medium-sized business.He has served as retail marketing manager for shopping destinations across the Lower Mainland, such as Langley’s Willowbrook Shopping Centre and Burnaby’s Lougheed Mall, Park & Tillford Shops and Gardens in North Vancouver, and the Westwood Mall Shopping Centre.

Russ has worked promoting downtown White Rock and is currently is the Executive Director of the Kitsilano 4th Avenue Business Improvement Association.

Joining Russ in his presentation was Stephanie Clarke who is a marketing consultant that is currently the Executive Director of Business Improvement Areas of BC and is also contracted to help the Lower Lonsdale Business Association. Stephanie has worked promoting commercial retail areas such as Yaletown, Commercial Drive and South Hill and was previously an award winning restaurateur.

If you have any questions regarding the meeting please contact
Stephanie Clarke at:
Ph: 888 659-2208                                       

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