Did you know?

Did you know the Lower Lonsdale Business Association was successful in convincing the CNV to not increase commercial taxes this year? (The savings from this could easily pay for your BIA levy contribution this year and hopefully next. The current commercial tax ratio is 4. to 1. and we will continue to lobby for the recommended industry rate of 2 to 1 ).

Did you know that out of 400 top ranked performing commercial areas 392 have a BIA?

Did you know that support for a BIA dramatically increases as it ages once the business community can experience what it can accomplish?

Did you know there are 22 BIA’s in Vancouver and almost 70 in BC?

Did you know that a BIA can negotiate group discounts for all kinds of services a business could not get on its own? (This savings alone could potentially pay your annual BIA levy).

Did you know a BIA levy can be significantly leveraged once a BIA establishes itself? (Sponsorship is easier to generate when the area profile has increased so your contribution can be made to do more).

Did you know that the value of volunteer input from a BIA's board and committee representatives is worth significantly more than any paid staff position full or part time? (This volunteer time has a monetary value that is often overlooked but is the backbone of the organization).

Did you know that BIA’s across Canada share information and programs? (Your BIA can immediately benefit by not having to reinvent the wheel and get access to programs that have already proved successful elsewhere.)


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