BIA Examples in British Columbia




Gastown BIA

Downtown Langley BIA

4th Avenue BIA - Kitsilano

Hastings Crossing - Downtown Eastside

Robson Street BIA

Yaletown BIA

Commercial Drive BIA

South Granville BIA

Coordinated later night shopping event

Special event geared to encourage people to come to the area

Incentive based advertised promotions

Outdoor advertising in competitors areas

Strategic business mix recruitment

Collective tours and tasting events

Collective based loyalty programs

Shop local - support local programs


BIA's focus on specific goals and concerns that are most appropriate for their particular BIA. No two BIA areas are the same. While promotion and attracting more customers is a common goal for many BIA areas there is much more that a BIA can accomplish that is beneficial. Here is a list of some additional ways BIA's can provide value:

Lobbying -  commercial tax reduction
Lobbying - parking and traffic improvements
Lobbying - public realm improvements - increased outdoor cafe space, litter bins, lighting, signage bylaws etc
Lobbying - complimentary development
Lobbying - fan out capability to rally and build a stronger voice
Group benefit discounts - payment processing, medical dental, insurance, alarm service etc

On-line presence - directories and business search by area, business promotion and daily deals exposure
Tourism Brochures - keep tourists in Lower Lonsdale and attract new tourists
On-line leasing portal - specific Lower Lonsdale leasing search capability
Business Networking & communication  - hot topic seminars, business development
Niche promotion - focus on developing niche interest and business clusters - such as wedding business
Strategic recruitment
- proactively recruit a strategic business mix to compliment area draw
Area loyalty programs - retain business activity in the area
Community relations - strategic partnerships that help to advance particular area goals
Sponsorship generation - leverage funding through revenue generation from additional sources
Area definition - welcome signs, street pole banners, christmas lighting

and much more.....


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