Council Speeches

Members of the Lower Lonsdale Business Association are involved with attending a wide variety of information and city council meetings about various aspects of things that affect the Lower Lonsdale community. They have been tirelessly consistent in making sure the issue had representation and are very well known in the community for taking the time to be involved. Here are some examples of comments they have made before city council:

The existing site development is a relic of the 1950s, when little concern was given to the environmental issues that are such a priority today. At a Planning Commission presentation the one redeeming feature worth preservation noted in the Commission Resolutions is the Safeway sign that corners 13th Street and Lonsdale. There is no project that is perfect. Everything could be done a little better. 

This project does not fall within the boundaries of Lower Lonsdale, but it is the position of the LLBA that this development is in the best interest of North Vancouver as a whole and merits the full support of council. It is the position of the LLBA that Onni has stepped up to the plate. They have met with neighbors, they have amended their plans on numerous occasions and they are putting themselves through the unprecedented scrutiny of a second Public Hearing. This completed project will compliment much of what the City is striving to attain. Residences that couldn’t be closer to local amenities including shopping, transportation, a new library, medical services, a new grocery and retail space, added office spaces for Medical use plus the public amenities proposed.
On behalf of the LLBA, our view is that this project will compliment the City and the North Shore as a whole, and deserves the full support of Council. 
Thank you for your consideration,
Bill Curtis                                                                                                                                                                              President, Lower Lonsdale Business Association
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