Council Speeches

Members of the Lower Lonsdale Business Association are involved with attending a wide variety of information and city council meetings about various aspects of things that affect the Lower Lonsdale community. They have been tirelessly consistent in making sure the issue had representation and are very well known in the community for taking the time to be involved. Here are some examples of comments they have made before city council:

 Healthy businesses are an essential component to a walkable and livable community. The reality of many business spaces in Lower Lonsdale is that they sit vacant due in part at least to a tax burden that has made a previous business unviable and a future business less certain. The reality of today’s world is that business is a struggle. As more of the City grows with redevelopment the character of the City is in transition as older buildings are redeveloped into new buildings that bring new residential and businesses spaces into what was an underdeveloped area. A drawback for many of the business and services we represent is that by virtue of the success in the redevelopment and the increase in property values they are less viable because of the increased tax burden they share. Businesses in Lower Lonsdale are confronted with the uncertainty of business in general, and for many the possibility of redevelopment of their place of business and relocation or a steep increase in lease payments and their property taxes. Most do not own their place of business and pay a lease and triple net. Established businesses East of Lonsdale are also confronted with the same issues. Many are family owned and are having to cope with increases in taxes that make their business more difficult. Their businesses compliment the character of Lower Lonsdale.

Lower Lonsdale is in transition and the City can have as fundamental an influence in its ultimate character as it has in the spaces that have been and will be created. A healthy Lower Lonsdale will feature local shops and services that can afford to operate and thrive here. Much of the new development in the City includes commercial and retail space. It needs to be filled with local businesses and services that will benefit all of North Vancouver. An unaffordable business environment will result in an infusion of Franchises and foreign businesses that will do little to support the local community or to define the unique character of Lower Lonsdale that the City has worked so hard and for so long to achieve.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Bill Curtis                                                                                                                                                                                          President                                                                                                                                                                  
Lower Lonsdale Business Association
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