Council Speeches

Members of the Lower Lonsdale Business Association are involved with attending a wide variety of information and city council meetings about various aspects of things that affect the Lower Lonsdale community. They have been tirelessly consistent in making sure the issue had representation and are very well known in the community for taking the time to be involved. Here are some examples of comments they have made before city council:

February 25, 2013
Tax Rate Issue

Mayor and Council
The focus of tonight’s session is not on tax rates or the issue of residential versus business tax rates, but on behalf of all the businesses and services operating in Lower Lonsdale I would like to stress to you how important it is to a community for there to be an active business community.  Healthy businesses are an essential component to a walkable and livable community........

March 11, 2013

1308 Lonsdale Avenue - Onni Development

Onni had first proposed to develop this site in December 2010 with a three tower 5.7 FSR proposal. In April 2011 they reduced the three tower proposal to an FSR of 4.92, and then in October 2011 they reduced it to two towers with a 4.57 FSR.  They held a town hall meeting in July 2011 and in November 2012 they attended their first Public Hearing. This proposal features the elimination of all vehicle traffic from 14th Street, further offsets from streets to towers and the provision of Green Walls fronting Stella Jo Dean Park......

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